Hello, I’m Lucy, The Seasonal Coach for Creativity Seekers. I’m a purposeful life passion and creativity coach who can help you cultivate and live a creative and wholesome life through the seasons.

I have a deep passion to connect people with their creativity. My purpose and calling is to help people like you to gain the confidence and pride surrounding your own creative adventure, from those wanting to start their journey to others who are on route and needing to re-ignite their connection to their creativity.

I’m a qualified coach and NLP Master Practitioner, and shape my coaching practice using nature’s seasonal cues. I’m a coach with a difference and have the planet and the environment at the heart of my purpose, donating part of my coaching fee to tree planting organisations to restore the lungs of our planet. Find out more about how I work on my Let’s Work Together page.


I live in Bristol and I’m head over heels in love with my husband Chris, our daughter Chloe, and our gorgeous Jack Russell pup Juno. They shape my world. I’ve been creating my new version of a creative life for 8 years. Starting my creative blog in 2011, where I share my journey of learning handmade crafts, developing my passion for photography, urban gardening, and connecting to the seasons. I’ve invest in my own personal growth through reading many non-fiction books, attending creative retreats and feeding the lifelong learner part of me by taking e-courses and workshops.

Bristol is a city known for its creativity, its hot air balloons, colourful houses, a stunning suspension bridge, big green spaces, and a great cultural mix. I love being in a city that is part of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network. I am constantly inspired by our hub of independent businesses, foodie scene, creative bloggers and small business owners that shape our city’s green culture, sustainable living and commerce. We live in South Bristol and have a 20 minute walk to the countryside and local forest spaces, and are a drive away to coastlines. Being just a few hours away from the gorgeous landscapes of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Wales feeds my love of the south-west where I love to visit.


I’m passionate about filling my life with creative moments and living in line with nature’s seasons. I fit creative time into each week, whether it’s taking photographs of plants and landscapes, working on a creative project, pottering around our urban garden and tending plants in our greenhouse, through to feeling inspired by reading my favourite magazines and books with a cup of tea in hand, writing sections of my book, and making our home feel cosy and distinctly our own. We live as sustainably, seasonally and as locally as possible and proudly support independent businesses on our local high street and close by, where we can.

Alongside my work as a life passion and creativity coach, I have a day job at a deeply ethical herbal wellbeing company with sustainability and the planet at its heart. The people I work with inspire me with their ingenuity, hard work and passion for the planet, and working there challenges me everyday.

Having multiple aspects to my career has been a dream of mine. In 2008 I studied a post grad course and discovered the term ‘portfolio career’, a career that is formed by creating multiple income streams. From that moment on I started thinking beyond my day job about things that interested me so that I could grow my skills and over time shape my version of a portfolio career. I knew that by having wide ranging skills and interests it would enable me to future-proof myself from any change to my circumstances, and to also maintain my version of the work-life ratio that I wanted to create now and for the future too. This is where I started my journey of personal improvement and growing my creativity.

I’m cultivating and living a creative and wholesome life through the seasons. I’ve crafted a life that I love. I’d love for you to make that a reality for you too.

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Lucy is as inspirational as she is informed. She picks up on little nuances, spoken or otherwise and really helps you to identify the root cause of whatever challenges you may be facing and then helps you find your own path. She challenges, encourages and moreover motivates!
— Gareth