Connect to your creative self and start your adventure


I’m Lucy, the Seasonal Coach for Creativity Seekers. I’m a purposeful life passion and creativity coach for people like you who have a deep desire to be more creatively fulfilled day to day.

I have the heartfelt desire to help you move forwards with intention and confidence, feel proud of the work you create, and the work you long to create, and use the talents you have.

Let's work together and connect you with your own version of what creativity means to you. Let’s traverse the confidence blocks you may have, enable you to feel closer to your purpose, and feel more pride in what you do.

I’ll be there to energetically move you forwards. I’ll help you re-establish those connections to your creative self, to support and encourage you as you take the steps towards what you want, and to work with you to positively transform those beliefs, fears and experiences that may be surfacing right now that are holding you back from having the time and energy to be creative.

I'm a qualified business and life coach and an NLP Master Practitioner, gaining my qualifications at the award winning UK College of Personal Development. I use my coach and NLP training alongside my deep personal experience to coach energetically to bring about change. Find out more about my experience and qualifications.


Let’s work together if…

  • You want to feel more purpose, fulfilment and pride in the creative work you do

  • You want to discover how you can be more creative and use the talents you have

  • You are looking for help to plan, or to be encouraged to start, a creative project or creative challenge

  • You want to feel more confident about sharing the work you do, building self-belief in your skills so that you can elevate what you offer

  • You want to reconnect to your creative self and discover the time and energy to fit it into your life

  • You want to build momentum and accomplish a creative project or idea.

Let’s work together

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Coaching with me

Discover more about how I coach, the methods I use and how we can connect in a coaching relationship.

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Coaching Options

I have created a few different ways that we can connect in your coaching journey from one-off sessions to a season long coaching option.


Seasonal coaching

My coaching practice is shaped around the seasons as a framework, find out what season you are in.