Seasonal Coaching

Using nature as our metaphor and guide, during our coaching sessions we’ll connect to the season that you feel that you are in. The following seasons are spaces where we can begin your coaching journey. I can tailor make bespoke sessions that work for you so don’t feel constrained by the options below, everyone has a different journey to map out.


Reflect and EMBRACE - Connect to Autumn

Autumn is a season of change, many of us start our journey of discovery here. Autumn is a time to reflect, release and embrace as you make changes. It’s a time to let go and to start the process of clearing out the old ready to welcome in the new. With that reflection that occurs you may be inching towards a new calling and something that feels like a better option for you. Let’s work together so that you can reflect and notice where you are right now and understand the change that may be calling you. Find out what may be calling you, and reflect on your life right now to create some intention.

You may have a new project or change you want to make, you may want to understand how you can progress forwards to welcome in and embrace the new, you may be looking to create more purpose and intention with what you do. Connect to your Autumn and let’s partner together to reflect on the change you want to make, and prepare to embrace the new.


Simplify and Nurture - Connect to winter

During winter we see that for nature it's a time of hibernation. It's also a season that brings about stripped back simple focus. In nature plants die back, animals settle down to restore themselves and hold in the energy they need to focus.

You may already know what you are wanting to do and need thinking space to nurture your ideas, permission to hibernate and ponder with them and plan. You may be looking for a space to the focus, a way to simplify ideas and nurture them in a way that connects to you. In such a fast paced world we need to feel good about making time to nurture ourselves slowly and sustainably, with added intention and planned action.

Connect to your Winter and let’s partner together to simplify your plans and nurture your actions.


Awaken and Grow - Connect to spring

Spring is the time when nature wakes up, new leaves appear, bulbs grow and buds burst into blossoms. Are you seeking momentum to get going and awaken?

You may have spent time working hard and planning your creative ideas however you haven't yet made them a reality. You may want to gently and sustainably awaken what you are working on to let it grow and blossom.

Connect with your Spring and let’s partner together to activate your energy, your confidence and your mindset that you need to grow and kickstart your creative plans.


Thrive and Bloom - Connect to summer

Summer brings an abundant bloom; the greens in nature are established and lush, and flowers continually bloom. Summer feels like you are thriving and you are showcasing what you have spent so long creating. Alongside these areas of abundancy you feel there are new challenges facing you, there’s uncertainty you are feeling about how you are blooming, and what is coming next. You want to sustain the blooming and thriving and want thinking space dedicated to making this happen.

Whether it’s a personal self-belief that you need to cultivate, or a confidence to enable you to bloom and thrive even more than you are. You’ve maybe reached that point where things are progressing well, and you want space to work out how to manage it better and to help it fit with you. You may be thriving as a business but under the surface could be a disconnect that isn’t creating a sustainable way to thrive as a person.

Connect to your summer so you can really thrive and bloom with confidence, feel pride in your work, and allow yourself to be really present and out there.

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