The year of change...a new chapter begins!

I love autumn, a season of change and the chance to learn something new. The year so far has brought plenty of changes in my life and it is now about to change even more… In January I put my job and career on hold for three months and went travelling. It had been an important goal of mine for a number of years. During the trip I went out of my comfort zone, took on new challenges and saw so many fantastic places. Whilst I was away I had time to reflect, being away from my normal routine and the city I have lived in for 10 years. Every day of my trip I gained a new perspective of what the day to day could hold and discovered a real appreciation of what made me happy.

Being away from home I realised that my job does fulfil my need for new experiences and challenges. I love the working environment I’m surrounded by every day, however something big is missing in my life. This is the opportunity for me to be creative, to have real hobbies and interests that make me tick.

I want to change that and it got me thinking...when I was younger I enjoyed dabbling in creative hobbies, however I let my interest in them slide to other choices I made. I rarely gave myself chance to flourish creatively…So in April I came back refreshed from my trip and started thinking about the next chapter in my life.

After a summer of getting my head together, I have made a decision to embark on a set of new goals to challenge myself. I want to reinvigorate my passions that I had but put on hold, clear out the clutter in my life and start something new. I want to learn new creative and practical skills to grow into a queen of domesticity! My aims and goals are to teach myself new crafts, build on my passion for interiors and home styling, learn to be a great gardener and become a brilliant baker!

I hope that through The Pink Button Tree I will be able to share with you my journey of learning crafts, home styling, gardening and baking. Each week I hope to bring you updates on my projects, my thoughts, my tips and my inspirations.

This autumn change is happening…I’ve planted a new seed into my life and I hope you will join me as I grow my passions and start creating. I’d love for you to follow me through this new chapter in my life and leave your comments.