Our Christmas Tree



Putting up the Christmas tree and decorating our home is one of my favourite moments on the run up to Christmas. For 9 years I have decorated my tree in red and white, and this year is no different. I love the traditional colours and the simplicity of the red and white theme.

In 2003 I bought the tree and started my own collection of decorations. Back then I was a student living in a huge basement bedroom and I had lots of space to fill! Being at university meant that I was away when my Mum and Dad would decorate their tree and prepare the house for Christmas. I missed the run up to Christmas so I decided to start my own tradition of putting up my own Christmas tree. I bought a tree from good old Wilkinsons, a pot of gold and red baubles and some lights, at a tiny expense when I look at it now. It meant the world to me to have my own tree, I felt so grown up and took so much pleasure and care decorating the tree. For the years following I gradually added to my tree decoration collection where I seemed to gravitate towards the red and white colour scheme, leaving the gold baubles at the bottom of the box.

I haven't bought anything new for my tree this year. I've made the most of all the lovely wooden ornaments I own, the gingham ribbon bows I made myself a few years ago, and the red baubles I bought when I was a student. I especially love the red disco ball and glittery red baubles that add extra twinkle to the tree.

My favourites are the red and white spotted wooden decorations, and the white and red hearts and reindeer. I love the gingham ribbons too. I adore fairy lights, I have two sets on the tree each year.

I had planned this year to make some handmade decorations for the tree, I dreamed of being able to crochet stars and white snowflakes and to create pretty embroidered felt decorations too but time is running out and it will probably be a project for next year. I also hope to make tree skirt too, probably a patchwork of stars.

I really do love my tree. There is something so traditional but also retro about it. It makes me smile when I think back to buying it, and starting what is now one of my favourite traditions of the festive season. The sight of the fairy lights brings a sparkly and magical warmth to our lounge each evening which I get to admire from our snuggler seat whilst I read magazines and crochet.

I would absolutely love to have a real tree and bring the natural scent of pine into our home. Maybe one day we'll start a new tradition when my artificial tree gives up and we have a slightly bigger home.

I hope you are enjoying your tree and had fun decorating it. Don't forget to make the time to take photos of your tree so you can remember what it looks like and track how it changes or stays the same year on year.