My Autumn Manifesto 2017


Each season I write a manifesto and share this here in some way, whether it be the manifesto for the season ahead or a reflection of the manifesto for the season just gone. Writing a manifesto enables me to declare my intentions for the season ahead, to think about what I plan to bring into my life, and how I want to connect to nature and the season I am living in. A manifesto adds a layer of appreciation to the small things in my day to day and enables me to connect closer to the familiar cycles of the seasons. I use inspiration and cues from nature around me, and aim to bring a more considered pace and focus into my life. Every season sees a shift in nature and in myself. I especially love the blurry edges to the seasons as we transition to the next. My word of the year is Thrive and I have used my seasonal manifestos this year as a way to connect with it. The Autumn Manifesto feels like one of the most pivotal each year, it is my reset and the time to think about adjustments to make. Autumn has historically for me been a time of profound reflection and desire for change, however this year feels very different. If you've been following me over the past few months you'll have heard about the changes earlier this year with a new job. This Autumn I feel at peace with my career and future plans, and am starting to feel a closer connection more than ever to my home, my health, and my creative heart. This Autumn I've created a manifesto that connects to all three in some way and is made up of three intentions...

My Autumn Manifesto 2017

Absorb and nurture

Utilise my resources to be creative

Discover and shape my style


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