Make your own spice rack labels

I spent many months looking for a new spice rack for our little kitchen. We have a kitchen with limited surface and cupboard space so finding the right option was important. Mr C is a bit of a dab hand in the kitchen and cooks the most fabulous meals, normally requiring a variety of herbs and spices. He mainly uses fresh herbs for cooking, hence the types of herbs planted in the garden last week, and a variety of spices. I knew we needed a spice rack with plain jars, as the pre-labelled, pre-filled jars just weren’t going to be suitable and the contents would go to waste.

After searching we found this lovely spice rack with cream jars from Garden Trading that fitted our needs perfectly! I love having clear jars to store food, you are able to see what you have at a glance and they look great too. To add a final touch, I decided to make my own spice rack labels using brown card, blue stamping ink and clear alphabet stamps. It didn't take me long…

I started by stamping the spice name onto brown card that I had in my paper stash. When I had finished I cut out the wording leaving a space at the end so I could punch a hole ready for the thread. I reused the brown twine that came with the jars to tie the label to the jar.

The good thing about having these jars is if we change the spices, as the seasons change and as we find new favourite recipes, all I need to do is whip up a few new labels!