Life at the moment :: Summer


  It's been just over two months since I have shared in this space. The summer has felt like it has come, gone, and come back again just in time for the August bank holiday weekend! As we near the end of the summer my heart drifts back to this space to share my musings once again. Life at the moment over the summer months has felt like it has been shaped by my job change and my day to day routine looking a little different. It has taken time to adjust to the new pace of my week, the fullness of each working day, and the amount of different things I manage to achieve during the week days. Weekends have been time to spend at home, potter in the garden, enjoy our home and time to visit places close by. It has been a season of taking it easy and doing simple things.

Life at the moment has been about... places with Mr C and Juno. We had a long weekend away to Wells then Dorset and stayed in lovely dog friendly inns, ate delicious food and were treated to sunny weather for most of the weekend. It was the first trip Juno has had to the seaside and she loved digging in the sand.

...Celebrating...passing the probationary period in my new job.

...Re-organising...and tidying my creative studio in our attic room to remove the clutter and simplify the space.

Juno on the beach

...Doing...just one thing at a time to focus and slow down.

...Making...plans for the next few months this year, to see family, friends and schedule in a few things to enjoy over the weekends.

...Playing...with Juno. We are loving her mannerisms, head tilts and getting to know her more and more. She is now 9 months old.

Juno happy for my brother and his fiancé. This summer they have got engaged and are making plans for moving to their new home together. for my Project Life album and making a start on my monthly documentation for the year.

...Buying...a few new books that have been on my wishlist for a very long time and savouring them page by page.

Dorset develop my skills further in NLP. This week I've signed up to join a Master NLP Practitioner course starting in late September run by the same college that I started my training with. I'm really looking forward to it.

...Feeling...a real sense of purpose and and being so proud of the company I work for.

...Watching...our garden grow and thrive. It has been a never ending job to keep an eye on the slugs and snails that have multiplied in the rainy weather but it has been worth it. I wasn't quite as lucky with the caterpillars who have munched through many of our cabbages. I've learnt more about growing my own this year than ever before.


...Harvesting...lettuce, beans, beetroot, carrots, courgettes, and herbs from our garden and greenhouse.

...Noticing...the changes in light levels throughout the summer.

...Waiting...patiently for a week off on holiday in September. It will be our first full week off together since Christmas and we are heading to Abergavenny for the famous food festival and to explore the Brecon Beacons.

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 2017 new morning routine. I've spent the past two weeks making head space and creating time to gently reconnect to my creative passions that I have put on pause for the past few months whilst I settle into my new job. ideas for my long term career ambitions and being ok with changes to the plans I had thought about and action earlier in the year.

...Enjoying watching the skies above our home fill with hot air balloons for the International Balloon Fiesta.