Life at the moment

Over the past few weeks I've been...
Smiling...from ear to ear that I've grown these marigolds from seed.
Enjoying...quality time with my family and with Mr C.
Loving...the city we live in. Bristol comes alive in the summer with festival upon festival, this weekend it was the Harbour Festival. Mr C and I took a ride on this big wheel enjoying the views over our city and watching the sun go down. a number of inspiring podcasts by Elise Blaha Cripe. Check out Elise Gets Crafty, I've been listening to this for a few months now and love it! new house plant, a little fern.

Watching...the last three episodes of How I Met Your Mother back to back and having a little blub! It reminded me of when Friends finished all those years ago. The end of an era.

Making...a few crochet squares after a busy day at work and remembering how much I love having hooky time.

Relaxing...on a deckchair in our courtyard garden and enjoying an elderflower gin and tonic after a busy week.

Eating...a yummy tapas lunch at No Man's Grace to celebrate a friend's birthday.

Wrapping...packing and sending a special parcel of bon voyage goodies to a great friend and wishing her lots of luck, positivity and bravery for their year ahead working in gorgeous Sydney, Australia.
Researching...designs and patterns for my new quilt
Counting...down to our summer holiday with friends!