Life at the moment

It's been an uplifting past month or so. The weather has been improving and we've been getting outside enjoying more sunshine and warm weather. I've established new routines and habits, I've taken a few leaps and have planned a few exciting things for the next few months. This is what my life is looking like at the moment ... crochet blocks bigger and growing my ripple blanket row by row


Re-establishing...a balance, making decisions and plans

Getting...up early and doing yoga each day fringe hours to get tasks done and my passions fitted into my working week

Reading...inspirational books and implementing key practices
Taking....a leap and booking onto Blogtacular, a blogging conference

Getting...outside to tidy up our garden and sort out our garden space

Planning...and booking a long awaited holiday to Sicily with Mr C

Looking...forward to July when I can start using my new Get to Work Planner


Making...key decisions about new learning and development for later this year

Smelling...the delicious scent of stocks filling our home


Seeing...brilliant friends and my fab family for catch ups

Touching...the herbs in our herb bed and enjoying the smells that waft through the air

Preparing...delicious salads for lunch each day, full of colour and flavour the bright flowers in our garden

IMG_3343 the garden and contemplating what type of greenhouse to buy

Waiting...patiently for the geraniums to flower in our window boxes

Reflecting...on life, taking time to breathe and take stock of my thoughts and plans using photographs and memories in my Project Life album