July in our courtyard garden

Our courtyard is really coming alive this summer with lots of pops of colour. I'm loving spending time tending to the plants, watering them and watching them grow everyday. Coming home after a busy day at work and pottering in the garden is one of my favourite things at the moment.

I've grown quite a few things this year from seed including radishes, lettuce, rocket, chillies, courgettes, potatoes, marigolds and carrots. Here's how our courtyard garden is looking during July.

The plants are sunning themselves in our sunny corner of our courtyard, this is where most of our plants grow really well. Our metal bench is temporarily being used as a pot stand to elevate the plants off the ground to get more light and out of reach of any snails or slugs.

I've got three courgette plants and all are grown from seed and are starting to flower. I can't wait to see if we get courgettes this summer. If you look closely you can see one growing already!

The chillies I grew from seed are taking shape...

My strawberry plants are starting to grow a few small fruits. I'll have to keep an eye on these in case the birds get a bit peckish!

The rocket is ready to eat.

The carrots are growing and I really hope there is something in the soil below all the greenery!

I harvested the potatoes a few weeks ago and I squealed with delight seeing that I had managed to grow so many this year...

I was convinced I'd have a really tiny crop of potatoes as I hadn't fed them as much as I should have and I neglected them a little too. The plants got so big they start falling over with the weight of the plant and went really floppy. I wasn't expecting many potatoes to have grown so before starting to dig them up I poured a cup of tea in preparation of a short lived harvesting session...instead these little beauties came out of our containers. We ate these all pretty quickly during the savouring the taste of home grown potatoes with home grown chives and mint.

The mint has finally taken off and smells amazing.

Our blueberry bush is trying to grow fruit.

I perked up our window boxes with some pink and white geraniums, they make me smile each time I open our blinds. The heat and sunshine got to them this week.

The tomato plants are finally flowering and growing fruit. I'm hoping for a good harvest this year so I can add a few to my salad each day.

These geraniums have been growing for a few years now and have delivered some gorgeous bright red and pink blooms. I love how they contrast with the blue pot. I have a little bit of an obsession with blue glazed pots...

I grew marigolds from seed this year and I can't tell you how excited I am by seeing each plant flower one by one. I have a few containers of these flowers and I am so happy with how they are growing.

The pops of colour are making me smile.

My fuchsias are flowering like crazy and I'm loving watching each flower open and elegantly display its stamens and display such pretty colours.

Our courtyard seems to be loving the warm and sunny weather we are having this year. I think that it is the best our garden has ever looked! I love getting outside and escaping into our little space. Are you doing any gardening at the moment? How is your space looking?