How to make coasters from wall tiles

Earlier this year I bought some gorgeous blue and white wall tiles. I instantly fell in love with them and bought eight in total, getting two of each pattern.

I was inspired by an image of tiles I had seen in a magazine article about a Moroccan home interior. I really liked the way they combined a terracotta wall and coloured floor tiles. Mr C and I have a terracotta and white lounge and adding blue into the mix seemed to really work.

The tiles were bought specifically to be used as coasters so we could add some colour and pattern to our coffee table. We have carefully used these raw bottomed wall tiles on our coffee table, but I have really wanted to use them on our dining room table. I was worried about the damage they may do to the table, however after some searching I found a solution, small felt sticky tabs! I converted the tiles to coasters for a few pounds by adding sticky tabs to each the corners on the back of the tiles.

I now have some pretty tile coasters that can be used to add pattern and colour to any of our surfaces without adding scratches!