Coaching with Me


I work purposefully, positively, and energetically to help you establish clarity, confidence and pride in the creative work you do.

Working together you’ll feel challenged, you’ll gain clarity of your route, you’ll be cared for during your journey, you’ll be cheered on, and you’ll be celebrated for your achievements along the way. You’ll feel deeply listened to and feel a renewed sense of energy and clarity with your creative plans following our sessions.

Can you remember the last time you stepped out of a space and felt a freshness in the air? Coaching with me will feel like stepping into a fresh breeze. You’ll notice more, your senses will feel sparked, there’ll be the feeling of clarity and exhilaration and you’ll feel able to walk with intention, knowing that you are able to use the talents you have.

I coach a small intake of people each season. I keep my client list small so I can create bespoke experiences and feel energised in my work. It’s important for me as your coach to feel topped up and able to coach you brilliantly. We can work together remotely using video conferencing (Skype or Zoom), or if you are in Bristol or near to the city, our sessions can be held at carefully selected locations and can include walking coaching sessions in the city, or my preference, in more natural settings. During our sessions you'll gain a consciousness of yourself that you may not have experienced before and feel a closer connection to understanding your purpose and your core creative self.

Working together we’ll discover more about the creative changes you want to make to your life, create clarity and most importantly enable you to move forward with the actions and steps you have visualised so that you can feel the joy you get from connecting to your creativity. You’ll be able to let go of comparison or fears you feel within your creative practice and build momentum and enjoy the creative process. I won’t advise or tell you what to do, like a mentor will do. I believe that only you have the answers, can decide what you truly want to do, and know how you want to feel when connecting to that creative part of you.

I use NLP coaching as a bedrock to my seasonal coaching practice and find that it creates change in a transformational and practical way. Together we’ll discover more about the language you use and create changes in how you feel and behave so that we can work together and bring about the change you. Discover more about NLP here.


CREATIVE COACHING WITH A DIFFERENCE - Let’s contribute to the planet as you are coached

As you’ll know from my About page, I’m passionate about our planet, studying it at degree level for four years and living as sustainably as we can. To start my coaching practice I wanted to find my purpose in what I do beyond helping people like you be more creative.

We’ll add even more value to the work you’re doing by contributing to the health of the planet and restoring nature. I believe in doing business for good and so a percentage of your coaching investment will be donated to carefully selected organisations to plant trees and restore woodland around the world.

We’ll be planting trees for each of your coaching sessions, this will enable the valuable work we do to metaphorically grow and develop beyond our discussions, and keep the lungs of the planet working for generations to come.