Simple pleasures...Rain on a Sunday


Rainy Sunday

I woke up this morning and I wanted to share with you one of my simple pleasures. It's pouring with rain here in Bristol today and when I woke my heart sank a little as I knew I that I wouldn't be spending lots of time in the garden... a moment or two later I felt immersed in joy, odd I know!

I got up, made a mug of Twinings Everyday tea and just sat listening to the sound of the rain pummelling our home, taking a moment to pause. The opportunity to hunker down during the summer is (hopefully!) a rare thing and taking time to slow down, reflect, plan and enjoy an unexpected day of rain is one of my simple pleasures.

Summer weekends seem packed with plans and opportunities, to get outside, to see friends and visit places. So when a rainy day comes along it feels a little special, an unexpected luxury pushed in amongst a busy season. I view rainy days not as negative or a problem, for me it's a chance to pause and re-plan my day, make spontaneous decisions about what to do so I can make the most of the day ahead, enjoy our home and have the opportunity to get a few things done that are normally reserved for other times of the year.

Here's what I hope to do on this rainy Sunday...

...sit and listen to the sound of the rain and pause

...plan a few things I want to do this year and do some research
...drink a comforting cup of tea or two or three (!) and read my favourite magazines to get inspired
...pick up my one of my crochet projects and listen to some creative podcasts
...tidy that messy corner of our attic room that I've been meaning to sort some of my book about greenhouse gardening and plan my planting for the next few months a 20 minute blitz tidy up of the house
...water my house plants, it's a treat not to have to worry about watering the garden
...potter around in my new greenhouse and plan how I'm going to use the space
...venture out late afternoon with Mr C to a local coffee shop for a latte and a slice of cake

If it's raining where you are today why not take some time to pause and plan a day that you will love. I hope that you have a relaxing Sunday.