Rainy summer days

Most places in England have been experiencing a very wet summer over the past few months. Grey clouds, heavy rain and blustery wind have outnumbered the dry sunny days where I live. The one thing that brightens the rainy days for me is the opportunity to use my favourite red and white Cath Kidston spotty brolly. I love the wooden handle and its cheery bright pattern, it cheers up a rainy walk to the train station.

The rain has been great for the garden as I've hardly needed to water the plants, however the downside has been the continual battle with the many slugs and snails. Here's an insight into how our courtyard garden is doing this summer...

I'm waiting patiently for the tomatoes to grow. Small flowers have started to form however with the combination of the lack of sunshine and warmth they haven't done very well so far.

The mixed lettuce bolted and the bumper crop has given us endless salad leaves perfect for creating quick tasty meals.

The lillies flowered for a few days but were very quickly battered by heavy rain and winds. After so much time waiting for them to flower we only got to enjoy them for a short time but they were worth the wait as there were so many flowers this year.

The hardy fuschia has flowered over the past few weeks and is elegantly displaying its pretty blooms.


The strawberry plants are flowering...

...their delicate flowers are so very beautiful.

There are pea pods forming on my patio pea plant! I've never grown peas before. They are so satisfying to pop open and see what has grown inside. We have managed to enjoy the small crop of peas from a few of the pods so far.

The herbs have done well and we have a huge supply of mint, chives and parsley.


The pepper plant on our sunny sheltered windowsill is growing a bountiful crop. I will need to keep a close eye on this plant as it was invaded by tiny snails this weekend.

I'm delighted with how the garden is growing, despite the unseasonal weather. It is the best year so far for growing plants in our courtyard. I hope that the summer will bring more sunshine and warmer weather so that the plants will continue to grow well.