New window boxes


We are having a very wet summer in England at the moment. At the end of May in my post about container gardening I mentioned that I’d been lusting after some lead look window boxes. My window box dreams have come true! Mr C and I were given two gorgeous window boxes as a gift from his parents with some plants to get us started! I love the detail of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew crest on each!

I haven’t given much thought to how to plant flowers together so it was quite fun working out how to arrange the window box. I decided to put three geraniums in the middle at the back of the window box, with the white petunias in front of them. I planted the purple daisies at the edges of the arrangement to make the edges a little softer. What do you think? This one has a third geranium but no flowers out just yet!
Our window boxes have given life to the window sills at the front of our basement flat. We have awkward shaped window sills so I propped one of the window boxes up with some old household bricks so we could balance it carefully. 


I love waking up, opening our blinds and seeing the flowers so close. The window boxes add a pretty burst of colour and definitely brighten up the very grey and rainy days that we have had continuously for a month or so. 

I plan to plant up the window boxes each season with different flowers to improve my knowledge of different flowers and arranging plants in a small space. I hope to have flowers in the window boxes all year round if I can to keep our windows looking cheery!