My Winter Manifesto 2017


Last year I started a process of writing a manifesto for each season in the year. Living with a manifesto added a layer of appreciation to the small things in my day to day. I started to notice more, enjoyed the comforts and familiar cycles of the seasons even more, I took inspiration and cues from nature around me, and brought a more considered pace and focus into my life. Every season sees a shift, from changes in the weather and the cycles of nature, to the way we connect to our surroundings. New chapters begin at the start of each season and I take real pleasure from noticing the changes in the seasons, and I especially love the blurry edges to the seasons as we transition to the next. I enjoyed creating and living with a manifesto each season last year and this year I will be taking the idea forwards once again. Having a manifesto enables me to declare my intentions for the season ahead, to share and think about what I plan to bring into my life, to decide what I want to focus on, and how I want to connect to nature and the season I am living in. Winter is a time for hibernating, for conserving energy, being still and contemplating. The small simple pleasures to enjoy during the season shape my memories, build new routines and familiarity. From snuggling under blankets and writing in notebooks, to creating plans for the year ahead. Winter brings a gentle and slow approach to personal passion projects, the enjoyment of wrapping up in layers to go outside, a an appreciation of the gentle changes in light each morning. I enjoy having a comforting and delicious cup of sweetened chai tea, or a mug of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows that melt into a sweet topping. It's the simple pleasures and small moments that create a comfort associated with each season.

My winter manifesto combines simplicity and stillness, with hibernation and rest. My winter manifesto is simple and made up of five intentions...

Decorate our home with light

Capture the details of winter

Create space

Read to build foundations

Rest, reflect and reconnect


Over the past month I've been bringing these intentions into what I do and I will continue to do so until spring arrives. Enjoy taking this season to slow down, to rest, to store energy, enjoy the time to contemplate and clarify thoughts and plans. You may like to join me in bring in this winter manifesto into your life or write your own.