My simple pleasure - Spotting the signs of Spring

Spotting Spring flowers and signs of Spring is one of my simple pleasures. Nature is waking from its sleep and a new season is very much on its way. I love these delicate blooms that flower year after year. Over the past month I've been taking a few photos of the flowers that I've seen, getting down low to get up close and see life from their level.


Taking photos of flowers this close lights me up, I love capturing the little details.

I didn't realise you could get different snow drops, these ones above are my new favourites, I love the petals they look like pretty white frilly skirts!

Take a look around you this week when you are outside and see if you can spot the small signs of Spring appearing around you. Seeing natures signals give me a feeling of renewal and bounce to my step. I look forward to longer days, more light and the chance to spend more time outside in our garden.