Life at the moment

Over the past month I've been... Enjoying...the photos I took on our Copenhagen holiday in April and remembering the pretty pink blossoms that lined our walk into the centre of the city each day

Watching...cheesy rom com movies whilst nursing a nasty cold

Reading...My Heart Wanders by Pia Jane Pijkerk, Thrive by Arianna Huffington, and catching up on my favourite magazines over cups of tea Happy by Pharrell Williams on repeat, singing the words out loud (badly!) and dancing around the flat

Learning...more things about web coding and Photoshop

Catching up...with great friends over dinner and drinks in the sunshine, and enjoying long distance Facetime catch ups

Loving...the yearly bloom of wild flowers on my walk to work

Reflecting...on learnings from the Blogging Your Way and Do What You Love e-courses, and the new things I want to bring into my life new and improved blog this space new embroidered Pink Button Tree blog header

Finishing...writing blog posts that I've been planning and thinking about for a while

Waving...goodbye to my fabulous team and great friends...Onwards...good luck girls, I'm missing you loads already. favourite blue and white striped t-shirts and my coral pink hearts scarf

Eating...lots of asparagus, fish, and fabulous meals made by Mr C

Watching...the plants grow in our garden

Embracing...the start of a new phase in my life. There's lots of change happening and I'm excited and nervous at the same time.