Journal | May 2019


Welcome to my May journal. Each month I gather my musings and the stories from the month to document our life. For me it forms a way of creating my own regular gratitude and journaling practice. Journaling can be achievable in small snippets, you don’t need to write long prose to remember your time. I choose to document our memories by taking photos that capture the moments during the month and write notes about the time we have had. There are no rules to journaling. It’s a writing space for you to document in whichever way you choose.

Here are my notes from the month of May…

…We’ve had a month of a few classes each week and getting out of the house to go to baby massage, baby sensory class, and Sing and Sign. Chloe seems to be enjoying it and I’m enjoying being out and about.

…I spent time being open and writing a post about mental health, friendship loss and how gardening healed me in my post Reconnecting with Nature | Urban Gardening

…When I can I’ve started capturing images of our garden and what is growing in our space

…I realised that for the majority of the month I haven’t managed to read a lot and have rarely looked at social media. I’ve spent the time with my little one playing with toys.

…We started weaning Chloe on a few purees this month. I feel that there is a lot to get my head around and being really organised with shopping and preparing things.

…I headed into a work company day as one of my keeping in touch days. I left feeling topped up and really inspired. It was great getting out of the city and seeing my work colleagues and catching up on all the changes.

…Our house renovations continue and our kitchen came out this month. Our bathroom was finished and painting began and ran really smoothly. We’re enjoying our space and can feel that progress is happening.

…I’m continuing to capture images and video of our little girl growing up. She’s so very smiley and contented.

…On a few days I spent time in our garden planting up pots and adding new things into our space. Our garden has started to shape itself for the summer and we are looking forward to spending time in it.