Journal | March 2019


Welcome to my March journal. Each month I’m gathering my musings and noticings captured during fleeting moments during the month. I’m documenting the stories and moments from the month to create my own regular gratitude and journaling practice. Journaling about life can be achievable and is a way to connect to the experiences that make up the patchwork of our lives. Rather than lengthy prose, snippets of memories and photos can capture the feelings from the moments that are equally as valuable. There are no rules to journaling. It is space for you to document in whichever way you choose.

March was a month where things started to fall into place, we went on holiday and enjoyed being out in nature. Here is my March journal…

…We enjoyed our first family holiday to west Wales and stayed in a lovely cottage about 10 minutes from the coast. A milestone for us as a family we had a lovely week in the countryside.

…Walks on the coast were one of my favourite parts of our trip to Wales, a space that I love to capture on my camera and feel the impact of the elements and changing weather.

…Discovering beautiful small villages and towns in Wales and dreaming of one day having a regular space to visit here.

…Seeing my very special friend Bekka and seeing her smiles as she had cuddles with our little one.

…Visiting and appreciating a National Trust walled garden and capturing ideas for planting in our own space.

…We celebrated International Tree Day by visiting a forest and walking through it to connect to nature and trees. Taking time to forest bathe and connect with spring. I especially enjoyed listening to the sounds of the running water in the river near by and listening to nature.

…Discovering the world close up and capturing the signs of spring on my camera.

…Spending time continuing to read more about Forest Bathing and forest therapy. For the past year I’ve been interested in it and have collected books about it.

…Making some progress on my book outline and writing some of the content in small pockets of time.

…As our house renovations continue I’ve been shuffling things from room to room as the work shifts from rooms. I’m looking forward to sorting through things and being mindful of what remains in our home after the renovations.