Crafty work in progress

The weekend before last I had a burst of creative energy. I've been wanting to share with you what I've been up to but I've had a nasty bug and didn't feel like writing. I'm much better now and I can't wait to tell you what I've been doing and making! With the sunny weather arriving my desire to create bloomed! I had chance to have a blitz on my knitting project. At the start of the year I wanted to make a cushion cover…well here it is so far! My cosy cable cushion is coming on rather nicely!

I’m so pleased that the cables are now finally taking shape. It took a while to see what was going I knitted, moving stitches onto my cable needle and off again, in different combinations for each row. I can finally start to see what it will look like...I’m feeling more confident reading the pattern and using a cable needle, I can't wait to finish it. I’m loving the way that you can really see the cables forming. It feels such an achievement to know that I’ve understood a pattern and managed to knit something that looks quite complicated! The kitting of the cushion cover takes lots of concentration, in comparison to the scarves I made, so I think I’ll just pootle on with it when I want to knit and do a couple of rows at a time.

I was lucky to have quite a few spare hours over that weekend so I made a real start on my top secret project! I'm hoping to share with you my finished project in June/July but for now I'll tell you how I'm getting on...

I took the plunge and started cutting up fabric for a special project. With the pieces cut I started playing with the layout of the project and after a few hours I had a breakthrough on how it should look. I’m not using a pattern and I’m just having a play with things so it's a bit experimental! With the pieces finally arranged I set about piling them on top of each other so I could start to put the project together. After three hours or so I had stitched most of my project together. Oh it looks so lovely!! I want to share it with you now in its partially finished form, but I can’t. I’ve still got work to do to finish it off before I do a big reveal plus I need to make sure that the project, a little gift, is safely in hands of the person receiving it before sharing. I'll keep you posted!