Blueberry Pancakes

Nothing could be more perfect than a yummy brunch to kick start a busy Saturday. Over the weekend I made blueberry pancakes for the first time. I whipped up the mixture using a recipe for Blueberry Soured Cream Pancakes in a lovely cook book I have had for a few years, called easy breakfast and brunch (published by Ryland, Peters and Small).

I would normally go out for brunch for this sort of thing but I had been really hoping to try make my own.

I followed the recipe and added three tablespoons of the blueberry pancake mixture to a hot greased non-stick pan, it bubbled and sizzlede as the mixture started to cook. The pancake mixture held together well and looked promising!

Next began the waiting game as the mixture was slowly cooked through. I had a real sense of pleasure when I eased the pancake away from the pan with a spatula, hoping that it hasn't stuck, and flipping it over when the bottom has browned.

The waiting started again until it was ready to serve. While I waited I discovered some maple syrup in our cupboard…

Over the next 10 minutes or so I made a big stack of pancakes and drizzled them with maple syrup...

Hungry and with our mouths watering, we tucked into our blueberry pancake feast. I’d definitely recommend using frozen blueberries in a pancake recipe. By the time the pancakes were ready the blueberries had defrosted, kept their shape and when I cut into the pancake yummy blueberry goo oozed out. Bliss!

I’m so proud of my Saturday baking session, I’ve found a new breakfast treat that I will definitely cook again.