A Pinwheel quilt - Work in progress

After an inspiring trip to The Festival of Quilts I decided to kick start a new project this weekend. I have been researching how to make a quilt using triangles for a quite a while but haven't had the chance to try it out. I decided to take my first step into triangles by making a pinwheel quilt using quarter square triangles. I looked at a video about how to make pinwheels by the Missouri Star Quilt Company to get started. It made it look so easy, and it was!

I've spent some time this weekend looking through my fabric stash and deciding what colours to put together. I wanted to make a multicoloured rainbow quilt as it is a present for a friends's baby girl. I'm not too sure what the quilt will look like yet but I've started piecing together some pinwheels.

I'm looking forward to making a more of these over the next few weeks and will keep you posted on my progress.