It's time to say goodbye to The Pink Button Tree

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Today I’m saying goodbye to The Pink Button Tree as my blog space and will shortly be redirecting my URL to my blog on my new website, It’s an exciting time of change and my new website is finally here. My website is the home of my seasonal coaching business for creativity seekers, and will signal the birth of my coaching business. Growing my coaching practice has been a dream of mine. I completed my NLP coach training in September 2018 and I have made it happen.

The Pink Button Tree blog started in 2011, and came about following a three month trip to Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia. During that time I realised that there was something missing in my life and something had been lost, my creative hobbies and passions had become buried by academic study and heading into the workplace. Over 8 years of change my blog tracked my journey of learning new hobbies, connecting to my passions, cultivating creativity connected to the seasons and nature, and tracked my yearly journey on Ali Edwards ‘One Little Word’ course each year from 2013 onwards. The story behind The Pink Button Tree blog name is close to my heart and so I will keep references to The Pink Button Tree so that people can see where I’ve come from. The connection to nature and creativity started early in my life.

The change today feels so poignant as my blog has played the key catalyst for my own personal change and journey into creativity, without it I don’t think I would be where I am. My blog enabled me to track my ups, my downs, my in between times, to process and share. I shared how I made purposeful changes in my life to connect using a word every year and nature’s seasons to create intentions. For these reasons I’m transitioning my blog and all the content and posts to my new website.

My coaching practice, Lucy Ellen Hill, will take the concepts, ideas and my learning from my own personal creative journey, and combine it with my learning and discoveries from my NLP coach training and coaching experience. I’m creating a new space where we can now work together so you can reconnect to your creativity, create pride in your creative work, create your own version of creative confidence so you connect to your core self and discover your purpose.

Many years ago I wrote on my About page that I wanted to create “a handmade and home grown’s simple, it makes me feel free, it makes me feel fulfilled, and it makes me smile”. These feelings have stayed the same and are behind what I do and I hope that you can feel that way too.

My blog became a space where I shared how to cultivate and live a creative and wholesome life through the seasons, I hope that you will join me and follow the next stage of my own purposeful creative journey at

See you there


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